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Our WellKids classes are intended to be a place where you are able to find community and really affordable children’s classes with amazing instructors!
Registration is now open! You can now register online here!  After we confirm your child’s placement, we will contact you to arrange your first tuition payment and secure your registration. Space is limited, so reserve your spot quickly!

Meet Our Instructors

Meet Hallie

Hi!  My name is Hallie and  I am so excited for the opportunity to be teaching classical ballet, tap and theater this year! I’ve been [...]

Meet Katie

Hi. I’m Katie Krzyzewski. I am a live in auntie to three beautiful children. I have known sign language for three years. I interpret for [...]

WellKids Course Offerings

We run two semesters of our WellKids programs, the Fall semester begins in mid to late August and the Spring semester begins in mid to late January.  Each semester is a total of 15 weeks.  For our Fall semester, our classes will conclude with a family friendly Christmas party in the classroom. In the Spring, our programs conclude with a Spring Review where all of our classes will be included in an off site performance event to show off what we have been learning.  We encourage you to plan to enroll in both semesters in order to be best prepared for our performance event, however, we break up our semesters to best accommodate for schedules and for young children to get to try out a new activity and decide if it suits their personality without a huge commitment.  If you are interested in trying out one of our classes, let us know and we will get you set up to pop in for a free trial. The cost of our classes per semester are listed in the descriptions.  Additionally, we do have scholarships available for families in need.  Connect with us on our contact page if you have questions about our scholarship programs.

Creative Movement Littles (Lindsay Allmon)

Creative Movement Littles is a pre-ballet class designed for our tiniest dancers.  In this fun and upbeat class, students will wiggle, jump, and twirl with fun games and exercises while learning the most basic ballet technique.  Participants should be 2-3 years old. Maximum 10 students. 40 minutes.

Ballet Beginnings  (Lindsay Allmon or Hallie Garber)

In this introductory ballet class, preschoolers (3-5 years old) will explore the basics of movement and dance. Ample time will be spent developing students’ ability to express themselves creatively, with a focus on developing beginning ballet techniques and positions. Participants should be 3-5 years old.  Maximum 10 children. 50 minutes.

Classical Ballet (Hallie Garber)

This intermediate level ballet class will teach early school-aged children basic ballet techniques and creative expression, as they explore their bodies’ growing coordination. Class will be structured and focused, yet very fun and noncompetitive. Participants should be  in kindergarten to 2nd grade and have previous ballet experience.  Maximum 8 children. 50 minutes.

Isshinryu Karate (Scott Britt)

In Isshinryu Karate, our instructor teaches self-defense and self-preservation tactics first.  Our students will learn what to do if they are put in a dangerous situation, and they will also learn specific self-defense karate through practicing katas and in-class sparring.  Classes will be structured and disciplined, yet non-competitive and fun! Self-awareness, safety and respect for self and others are reinforced at all times.  Participants should be 6-12 years old. Maximum 8 children. 75 minutes.

Beginner Tap (Hallie Garber)

In this introductory tap class, students will learn to develop rhythm, style and sound. We will teach elements from a variety of tap styles. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knees and ankles, coordination and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds and having fun. Participants should be 5-8 years old.  Maximum 8 children. 50 minutes.

Hip Hop (Lindsay Allmon)

In this introductory hip hop class, students will learn fundamentals, technique, and choreography. Come move and grove to clean, uplifing and fun pop/hip hop music and have the most fun in this high energy class.  Participants should be 5-8 years old. Maximum 8 children. 50 minutes.

Creative Movement Siblings (Lindsay Allmon)

Creative Movement Siblings is a combination of  pre-ballet and beginner ballet designed to allow siblings of a broader age range  to stay together in one class. In this fun and upbeat class, students will wiggle, jump, and twirl with fun games and exercises while learning the most basic ballet technique. The curriculum will be tweaked to suit the needs of the varying ages in the class to allow them to have fun while learning ballet skills.  Participants should be 2-7 years old. Maximum 10 students. 40 minutes.

Baby Signs (Katie Krzyzewski)

Baby Sign Language lets babies, as young as six months old, communicate their needs so they don’t need to cry. Your baby will learn how to tell you: When he is hungry, wants more, or is all done; If he is too cold or too hot; Or that he just needs a hug; Never again be helpless at 2 a.m., trying to guess what a sobbing baby wants. Baby Signs is a parent and child class where you will both learn how to communicate using basic sign language.  Babies should be 6 months – 18 months and should be accompanied by a caregiver. You may bring additional children along to this class at no extra cost.  Maximum 6 families.  50 minutes.

Beginners Theater (Hallie Garber)

In this class, students will be learning elements of theater through games and roll play, improvisation exercises, and mock audition skills.  Each student will be cast in a roll for a short play that will be performed in the community at the end of the semester. Participants must be 6-13 years old and required to have the ability to read.  60 minutes.